Book a Visit with Your Loved One

Planning Your Visit to Evergreen Hamlets at Fleetwood

To schedule an on-site visit with a Resident, please call or email the screening team, at 604-597-7906 x10104 or and provide the following details:

  • Your full name and relationship to the Resident you wish to contact
  • The full name of the Resident you would like to visit
  • Your preferred email address and primary phone number
  • Your preferred date and time of your visit

Visits are held seven days a week, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Exceptions can be made if necessary.                                                          Visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like within these hours aside from mealtime hours of                                                                      11:30am to 1pm. Visits must be pre-booked and scheduled in advance through the Screening Team.                                                                  Call or email the screening team if you must cancel or if you will be late for your visit.

In addition to the current COVID-19 protocols which will be provided upon confirmation of your scheduled
visit, please note the following protocols in place for all visits:

  • Visits are permitted for up to two (2) visitors, plus one (1) child (defined as 18 years or younger) per
    Resident. Visitors are strongly encouraged to visit with other members within their own core
    bubble or household.
  • Visitors will be screened by a member of the Screening Team at the main entrance and will be
    asked to provide their telephone number for contact tracing, as well as other health-related
    questions as per the directive of the Health Authority.
  • Visits are permitted in the Resident’s room, in our designated visiting area (the auditorium), and in
    the outdoor courtyard. If visiting in the outdoor courtyard, additional social visitors are permitted
    within the current directive of the Public Health Office (no more than 10 people gathered in total,
    all wearing masks for the duration, and there is appropriate space to physically distance with the
    larger group).
  • Pets may accompany you on your visit! Like social visits, pets coming on-site need to be
    scheduled and approved by the site. There are strict eligibility requirements before a pet may be
    allowed on-site. Please see HERE for full requirements. In addition, the pets that come in for a
    social visit cannot visit with other residents. They are to stay in the designated visitor area
    (courtyard, auditorium, or room) for the duration of the visit.

Please View The Full Evergreen Hamlets at Fleetwood Social Visiting Plan Bellow. 

The Evergreen Hamlets Social Visiting Plan

Download Here

FHA Visiting Policy and Appeals Process

Download Here